Not surprising, ‘coronavirus’ is the most-searched term on Google

In a year characterised by a global pandemic, it’s no surprise this was reflected by the world’s most searched term– coronavirus.

Coronavirus-related terms dominated Google’s global list of the most-searched terms.

Google released its ‘Year in Search’ list today (December 9), representing the year’s top trending searches and queries amid a period of uncertainty.

‘Coronavirus’ was the top searched term globally, followed by ‘election results’ spurred by a wild national poll in the United States. The third most searched term was ‘Kobe Bryant’ coming on the heels of the legendary basketballer’s death in a helicopter incident in January.

‘Zoom’, the burgeoning video conferencing platform, and ‘IPL’, for the popular Indian Premier League, completed the top five.

‘Zoom’ made the list’s top tier as more people were forced to work from home as the coronavirus spread. (Photo: Gabby Jones/Bloomberg)

Other COVID-related terms also made the cut with ‘coronavirus update’, ‘coronavirus symptoms’ and ‘Google Classroom’ finishing 7th, 8th and 10th respectively.

See the complete list below:

1) Coronavirus
2) Election results
3) Kobe Bryant
4) Zoom
5) IPL
6) India vs New Zealand
7) Coronavirus update
8) Coronavirus symptoms
9) Joe Biden
10) Google Classroom