Now we’ve seen it all! Man uses snake as face mask

People the world over are finding unique ways to live their lives while taking the necessary precautions.

And here you thought your leopard print face mask was cool.

One man in Britain, however, seemingly took things a little too far Monday (September 14) when he boarded a bus wearing a snake as a face mask.

You read right, a snake!

The man hopped on a bus from Swinton to Manchester wearing what one passenger thought was a “funky mask”, that is until she saw it moving over the hand rails.

The woman told the BBC that “No one batted an eyelid” to the curious scene.

Wearing face covering on public transportation is mandatory for everyone over 11 in Britain.

The term is open to interpretation but as one transport spokesperson said, “We do not believe it extends to the use of snakeskin – especially when still attached to the snake.”

Yea, we’re not medical experts, but we’re inclined to agree. What are your thoughts, BUZZ fam?