Occupations where men cheat the most

Cheating for men is common among some professions, at least in perception.

Infidelity is a word that make many uncomfortable because they are guilty or been a victim and are still smarting over it. Some people cheat as if they are getting a prize. They run the gamut in terms religious backgrounds, ethnicity, social status and age so no one is exempt but in the grand scheme of things, there are some professions that make it way easier to mess around.

The following represent a quick poll conducted on women in the Kingston Metropolitan Area, aged 20 to 50 to see which occupations they say have the most cheaters. To say the results were interesting would be an understatement.

Athletes are among fittest, wealthiest people in the world. It’s no surprise they have a little bit more options than most. (REUTERS/Carlos Barria)

1. Male stripper: Like duh! When you have women stuffing bills in a man’s thong as well as numbers in their phone, it may just be a matter of time.

2. Professional athletes: The popularity and the money make women flock to and stick all over them like white on rice. 

3. Fedex/ delivery men: Yes sireee. Some are delivering more than packages.

4. Actors/comedians/dancers: Individuals in the entertainment industry are notorious for talking, coercing or laughing women out of their underwear. No joke.

5. University lecturers: The things some girls will do for a passing grade are legendary.

6. Politicians: Monica Lewinsky, anyone?

7. Salesmen: Blessed with the gift of gab they can polish and shine the proposal of coitus and serve it on a platter.

8. Truck drivers: So many miles away from home daily, a man can get lonely right?

9. Repairmen/handymen:  Some are handy with another set of tools as well.

10. Lawyers:  Those who suffer from ‘liabetes’ have no scruples whether inside or outside the courtroom.