Oh no! Iconic actor Jeff Bridges diagnosed with lymphoma

Seventy-year-old American actor Jeff Bridges has revealed that he has been diagnosed with lymphoma.

Jeff Bridges

“As the Dude would say … New s**t has come to light,” he said in a Twitter post on Monday night.

“I have been diagnosed with Lymphoma. Although it is a serious disease, I feel fortunate that I have a great team of doctors and the prognosis is good. I’m starting treatment and will keep you posted on my recovery.”

Lymphoma is a type of cancer that starts in the cells that are part of the body’s immune system.

And even as he thanked people for their support and well wishes, the iconic actor also encouraged the public to vote in the November 3 presidential election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

“I’m profoundly grateful for the love and support from my family and friends. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. And, while I have you, please remember to go vote. Because we are all in this together,” he said.

Bridges’ acting career began when he was only a child, but his first lead role came in 1971 when he acted in The Last Picture Show. He would go on to act dozens of movies and TV shows, including Tron, True Grit, Hell Or High Water, Blown Away and Against All Odds.

In addition, he has dabbled in music and photography, and he is also an author and narrator.