Oh (rein)deer! Even Santa is making COVID cuts

Things may not be so jolly up by the North Pole this year as the coronavirus impacts Santa Claus’ usually well-oiled machinery.

Guys, Santa is also feeling the pinch of the coronavirus so this Christmas may not be as holly or jolly as we once had.

Forced to scale back a bit, St Nick will have to let some things go or hand out a few pink slips.

While children everywhere are still looking forward to his annual pre-Christmas visit, that plump old man will hopefully not have to disappoint them but if his budget is thin, he may not have any choice.

 So in the spirit of giving, and receiving, what will Santa Claus have to wave goodbye to?

You may find yourself waking up to an empty tree on December 25.

1. Elves: The union may be up in arms but there could possibly be layoffs in the works.

2. Reindeers: Animal rights activists were always on his back anyways, and did he really need nine?

3. Sleigh/ sled: Worst case scenario we’ll be receiving gifts via snail mail.

4. Stocking stuffers: Unless it’s a lump of coal, he’ll be all out of those.

5. His red suit: It takes a lot of care to maintain that red velvet costume, plus the cost of thermodynamics technology used to keep him warm?

All those gifts you’re used to have to come from somewhere.

6. Mrs Claus: She hasn’t been pulling her weight for a couple hundred years, if we’re being honest.

7. Big presents: Let’s be realistic, we can’t have it all in these pandemic times.

8. The ‘nice list’:  With billions of kids worldwide, the nice list is proving to be rather expensive to cater to.

9. His sack: No money means no presents to tote around.

10. The Santa Village:  The upkeep is incredible and the mortgage is nothing to sniff at. We may see it on the auction block soon.