Oh wow! Louis Vuitton charging almost US$1000 for a clear face shield

Protect yourself from the coronavirus pandemic, BUZZ fam, but make it fashion; high fashion to be exact.

As reported by New York Post, luxury brand Louis Vuitton is launching its face shield which will sell for US$961.

A press release announcing the shield describes it as “an eye-catching headpiece, both stylish and protective.”

The hard plastic covering doubles as a hat — it can be flipped up, like a visor — and features LV-embossed gold studs, a monogrammed elastic head strap, and trim in the brand’s signature “LV” print. The LV shield will protect the wearer from the sun’s rays, too: The clear covering transitions from clear to dark in bright light.

Health authorities have warned against replacing face masks with face shields, as there is little research to support that it will keep an infected person from spreading viral droplets to others.

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