Oh wow! Saweetie has an entire room just for wigs

Rapper Saweetie

Saweetie is not just the ‘Icy Queen’ BUZZ Fam, she’s apparently the ‘Queen of Wigs’ too.

The rapper revealed in a Page Six interview that she has so many wigs she has lost count. In fact, her wigs are so plentiful, she had to designate an entire room just for them.

“I probably could’ve bought a house by now, with all the money I spend on wigs,” the 27-year-old said. “I actually have a wig room. “I’ve lost count of how many wigs I got … I might as well come out with my own line.”

Saweetie once described herself as “the most stylish person she knows, and without a doubt, her wigs have a hand in giving her that title.

“I’m always going to give a look, though. If I want a new wig or new color or a new cut, that’s what the icy girl gotta do.”