Okay, grandma! 90-year-old woman goes skydiving for her birthday

Patricia Baker completed a 15,000 ft skydive for her birthday. (Photo: Metro.uk)

You’re never too old to go skydiving. And 90-year-old Patricia Baker from Leyton, Lancashire, UK, just proved that.

The adventurous great-grandmother celebrated her 90th birthday by completing a skydive of 15,000 feet to raise money for charity. This was a lifelong goal for the 90-year-old, but its accomplishment was made even better as she raised £1,500 for a Children’s Home and Hospice while doing it.

Baker appeared on Good Morning Britain and told hosts that the jump was simply ‘wonderful’.

“When I was jumping out [it was] brilliant, awesome. It’s hard to describe, it was scary but wonderful at the same time and I just couldn’t believe I was doing it myself,” she said.

Baker said she wasn’t afraid of heights and has gone in a hot air balloon and paragliding before. But before she could tick skydiving off her bucket list, she had to gain clearance from her doctor, who refused at first.

But she did not give up. Baker said she took matters into her own hands and completed a rigorous medical test at Black Knights Parachute Centre in Cockerham, which included being harnessed-up and suspended from the ceiling.

After passing the test, she returned to her doctor with proof that she was able to undergo the jump. She was quickly given the all-clear to skydive.