Okoye by Kim more than just belts

Dynamic and determined to succeed.

These two words can be used to describe Kim Butcher who is the founder of The Event Project which is a company that offers consultancy, educational services, and event management.

Recently, Butcher’s company launched the Okoyebykim apparel line that retails belts to accentuate a woman’s natural silhouette. 

How Butcher came up with her unique business name ?

Butcher said that because her brand values principles such as resilience, strength, and community, she took those into consideration when selecting the name for her business.

“It took me a while to come up with the name because I knew I wanted my brand to mean something. It was important for me to start something where making money was deliberate. It wasn’t going to be secondary,” Butcher told BUZZ.

“So, when I selected the word Okoye it was perfect. Okoye in Nigeria means ‘someone born on market day’. I was like, ‘Yes’. My business is about making money. Okoye also means strength and resilience. Those meanings couldn’t be more perfect for a brand that celebrates loving who you are as you are,” she added.

According to Butcher, she started her business at a time when her thoughts were focused on how she was going to support her family during this global pandemic.

“We must use all of our talents to find as well as exploit opportunities. There was no more sitting and waiting to be invited to tables as Okoyebykim was making its own table with infinite seating,” said Butcher.

Butcher says giving back is critical

Butcher explained that not only is she an entrepreneur but that she is also passionate about giving back to micro- business in her community.

“Okoyebykim is about building community. This was deliberate from the start. Knowledge is a gift that should be shared. It was important for me to be able to document and share the lessons I am learning in this new venture and to help others,”she said.

” There are so many people who don’t know how or where to start in monetizing their gifts and talents. It’s a whole new way of thinking about revenue generation and creating opportunities,” she added.