Ooh la la! The benefits of make-up sex

Once again you both got into it over what you cannot even recall, but you were ‘malicing’ for about two days until he finally came around and said he was sorry.

You try not to let it show, but you are thrilled because you knew you could not keep up the vexation much longer, as your birthday was around the corner, and you wanted to be pampered and feted thoroughly. You seal the deal with a good round of make-up sex, and you know it is the ‘I’m sorry’ variety because homeboy went all out and pulled out the bells and whistles, even incorporating some candles and massage oil. Oh, if every time can be that great!

Worth the fight?

Some people say that the sex is worth whatever the fight was about, and so they may intentionally pick an argument to see if, in the end, it leads to the bedroom or some other comfy place in the home. Well, since so many individuals swear by it, let us examine what all the hoopla is all about and what are the merits of make-up sex that people are raving about.

1. The person in the wrong will go all out to please their partner. Yes, let them put in the work while you enjoy the experience.

2. It is more intense, and it is done with a purpose in mind.

3. It is a testament to the fact that your relationship survived another trial or difficulty.

4. There is something about transferring all that arousal and adrenaline from the fight to the foreplay and actual sex, hence everything is sexually heightened.

5. It can also build emotional intimacy

6. It facilitates you trying something new

7. It releases all that pent up aggression and tension.

8. Emotions, including anger and fear, can activate your biological attachment, which is your body’s way of motivating you to get closer to your partner.

9. It resets your relationship back to factory settings. It is kind of a clean slate kind of thing.

10. It seals the deal on your reconciliation and confirms that your issues, at least for now, have ended.