Oops! Never drunk text these people

Those decisions you made while drunk will almost certainly haunt you in the morning.

So your friend opened a tab at the bar and yells ‘drinks on me!” and that was all you needed to imbibe round after round for the last few hours. Music is playing, conversation and liquor flowing and you felt so good that you pulled out your phone and started texting up a storm, writing things you probably should have kept to yourself .

The following morning you wake up to some messages that slap the sobriety back into your system! How do you possibly redeem yourself after sending out those not- fit- for-airplay kind of messages? What do you now say and when is a good time to show your face again? Drunk texting your best friend makes you silly, doing it to people you do not have that sort of relationship with makes it more than awkward.

Text do not call for a Netflix and chill or booty call
Drunk texting your bestie is not the same as your ex or parents.

Below is a list of people your ‘twitter fingers’ should avoid when alcohol is involved:

1. Your boss: Pray he has a sense of humour.

2. Parents: Especially if they are super conservative you will definitely be in the naughty corner.

3. Pastor: You need divine intervention to get you out of that one.

4. In-laws: If they never really liked you before, your stocks have once again taken a hit.

5. Your child’s PTA WhatsApp group: Just apologise and then delete yourself from the group.

6. The police: They probably had a good laugh down by the station.

7. Teacher/lecturer: You can kiss that ‘A’ goodbye.

8. Your ex: He/she is either laughing or shaking their head in bewilderment.