Oops! We’ve made some poor choices in…

We’ve all made some questionable choices in our lives, and they’re usually in the areas below.

Life is about learning from mistakes and moving forward, hence harbouring regrets have no place in living your best life. However, saying it and actually doing it are two completely different things. It is human nature to reflect, and assess the good and the not so great choices we made.

We women like to get together over a cocktail or two, talk and share our experiences and every now and then we let things slip that we normally would not be so quick to verbalise. Here are some things women that say they should have thought twice about:

Some of the things we thought were so cool to wear are now ghastly reminders we didn’t always have good taste.

1. Wardrobe: A dress may look great on a mannequin but not so fabulous when we go out and especially when we see it in the pictures the morning after. Bad clothing choices can haunt us for a while.

2. Career: If you are stuck in a job that is not going anywhere most of us question why we never stayed in school longer or chose a different profession.

3. Spouse: If we are totally honest, many would have taking more time to go husband shopping.

It’s not our proudest moment but we’ve made terrible choices when selectinga mate.

4. Finances: Thinking about all the money we wasted on parties, jewellery and dumb things in our younger years is enough to make us want to slap ourselves.

5. Lifestyle choices: From hook-ups to addiction and everything in between, bad choices can run the gamut.

6. Education:  Choosing a difference school or a different field could have steer our lives down a completely different course

7. Picking friends: Some people we should just kept as acquaintance and have a ‘hi and bye’ relationship with as letting them in your inner circle was simply asking for trouble.