Our most awkward moments during sex…

The movies make it all seem so sexy, sensuous and memorable but what if some moments during sex are not all roses and fairy dust? Let’s face it, sex can be amazing but if we’re completely transparent, not everything is textbook great. Sometimes you have instances you wish you could take back, or have the ground open up and swallow you whole.

While intimate, sex can have awkward moments that can complicate things for a couple.

Below are some of our most awkward moments during intimacy:

1. Passing gas: Whether you first hear the noise or had your nose assaulted by the stench, flatulence is neither sexy nor cute

2. Queefing: You know the sound I’m talking about, the one that the vagina makes when air gets in there. Well, it can make things weird, especially for the uninitiated.

3. Laughter: There are very few moments I can think of where laughing during sex is a good thing. Maybe not boast about your equipment if it’s not up to code.

Bad breath and falling asleep are just a couple of the things that can send an intimate moment awry.

4. Being unable to get or maintain an erection: Yup, it happens. It may be you’ve had one too many rum and Coke or just not feeling it, but the fun ends before it even begins.

5. Bad breath: That one will stop you in your tracks.

6. Body odour: Talk about a buzz kill.

7. Falling asleep: Whether it’s boredom or Either way it is not good.

8. You get interrupted or ‘caught’: It can ruin your whole mood if someone walks in with your butt being naked and up in the air.

The good news is if you have a sense of humour and some basic hygiene products, most of these can be remedied easily. Try not to take yourself too seriously and avoid replicating whatever you see on television.