Overwhelmed: That’s how Taraji P. Henson feels when planning her wedding

Taraji P. Henson hopes to get married before July.

Taraji P. Henson is finding wedding planning “overwhelming”.

The Empire star is currently trying to plan her upcoming nuptials to her fiancé, Kelvin Hayden, and has admitted she’s already had to push back the date of her big day because of family plans and her crazy work schedule.

“I don’t think people understand what goes into wedding planning.”

— Taraji P. Henson

She said: “It’s overwhelming because in my work life. I have dates and emails, and now in my personal life it’s like, ‘Ah!’ I don’t think people understand what goes into wedding planning, trying to match everything up is so crazy.”

Taraji and Kelvin had originally planned to get married in April, but they’re now looking to have a small ceremony sometime before July, so “it’s not too hot”.

And no matter how much her plans change, the 49-year-old actress has her sights set on one particular wedding dress.

She added: “I want my Vera Wang! That’s the only exciting part to me, to be quite honest.”

Kelvin, however, is less bothered by the planning panic, as Taraji says her husband-to-be “doesn’t care” what their big day entails.

The actress told People magazine: “Kelvin’s a typical guy, he doesn’t care. He’s like, ‘Whatever you say babe, whatever you want babe!’ He’ll roll with it, but he wants his ring.”