Ozzy Osbourne: My Parkinson’s diagnosis isn’t a death sentence

Singer Ozzy Osbourne says he has known about his diagnosis since 2003.

Ozzy Osbourne says his Parkinson’s diagnosis isn’t a “death sentence”.

The 71-year-old rocker revealed last month he’s been battling with the disease, which affects the nerve cells in the brain that produce dopamine, and causes muscle rigidity, tremors, and changes in speech and gait.

“It’s a mild form of Parkinson’s at the moment. I’m not shaking.”

— Ozzy Osbourne

But now, Ozzy has confessed he’s known about his diagnosis since 2003 and insists he only has a “mild form” of the condition.

He said: “I’ve known I’ve had Parkinson’s since 2003. It’s not a death sentence … It’s a mild form of Parkinson’s at the moment. I’m not shaking.

“The doctor told me that I probably walk by 10 people a day who have got it and don’t even know they’ve got it. You don’t get a pimple on your forehead, you just start walking a bit funny I suppose.”

The Black Sabbath star also commented on the recent cancellation of his North American tour, which was axed earlier this week as Ozzy is yet to fully recover from the back surgery he underwent last year.

Ozzy has claimed the shows will be rescheduled, and the tour is not axed for good.

Speaking to RADIO.com, he said: “[The tour is] postponed … I cannot go out on the road, until I’m 100 per cent confident that I can pull it off, because if I go out now, and I can’t carry on, people are gonna think I’ve lost the plot, you know.”