Pamela Anderson rubbishes claims her ex Jon Peters paid off her $200k debt

Actress Pamela Anderson says she is able to take care of her expenses.

Pamela Anderson has rubbished claims her ex-husband Jon Peters paid off her $200,000 debt before their split.

The Baywatch star was married to the producer for just 12 days earlier this year, and following their break up – which didn’t result in a full divorce as they had never filed documents to legalise their marriage – Jon claimed he had paid off Pamela’s hefty fines.

“I don’t need anyone to pay my bills.”

— Pamela Anderson

He said: “Needless to say that when she texted me that she wanted to get married, it was kind of a dream come true even though I was engaged to someone else and the lady was moving in. I dropped everything for Pam. She had almost $200,000 in bills and no way to pay it so I paid it and this is the thanks I get. There’s no fool like an old fool … I welcomed her into my life with open arms and love since I have looked after her for many years. If she meant controlling – I’ve paid her bills since she was broke. I bought her a completely new wardrobe.”

Financially stable

And now, the 52-year-old beauty has denied Jon’s claims, saying she doesn’t need anyone to pay for her, as she is financially stable enough to manage her own bills.

She told Victoria News: “I don’t need anyone to pay my bills. I own a $10-million dollar house in Malibu Colony that has been rented for almost two years now and for the next three to five years for $40,000 month. That more than covers all my bills and expenses. I have contracts and other work. I put that money into my Ladysmith project.

“I believe it’s best to put my money in property. He doesn’t agree. I would politely listen and say I’d think about it. He still looked at me, like, that naive little girl sitting at the bar. ‘Teeth and a halo,’ he tells people.”

Pamela’s comments come after it was revealed this week that Jon has already gotten engaged to another woman, just three weeks after their split.