Panda gives birth to twins in France

Photo: Insider

A panda has given birth to twin cubs. Huan Huan, the giant panda whose name means “joyous” or “happy” brought jubilation to the Beauval Zoo, in the south of Paris on Monday with her rare birth.

Huan Huan is on loan to France from China.

The zoo made the announcement on its official website. It confirmed that the first cub was born at 1:03 a.m. and the second at 1:10 a.m. It said their births were a result of breeding efforts that began in March. The cubs are tiny, weighing less than one-third of a pound each.

Adding that the cubs were in good health.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, only 1,864 giant pandas live in the wild in China. In efforts to boost their numbers along with geopolitical relations, China over the years has loaned giant pandas to other countries, including the United States.