Paris Hilton claims she has been ‘playing a character’

American celebrity Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton feels like she’s been “playing a character” all of her life.

The Simple Life star is launching a new YouTube documentary, which is titled This Is Paris, and has confessed it was “hard” opening up.

Speaking to Deadline, she said: “I’ve never done anything like this in my life. In this film, I discuss things I’ve never discussed before. I hope that people are going to see who I truly am. It follows me in my real life, everything I’ve done before was me playing a character. I was talking about things that are very hard to talk about. It was an amazing experience, but it was very scary. I was freaking out.”

The 38-year-old star recently revealed she rejected a chance to reboot The Simple Life, as she felt it was too “timeless and iconic” to be remade even though she had the “best time” working on the show.

She said: “They’ve already approached me about it. My schedule is so insane. I think that show is so, the first of its kind, so timeless, so iconic and so … I don’t know if it could ever be remade.”