Patcha Blacks hopes new album will make him a household name

Reggae artiste Patcha Blacks believes that his recently released debut album, Moving Forward, will help him to take his career to the next level.

Canada-based Jamaican entertainer Patcha Blacks

The 10-track album features songs such as the title track Moving Forward, Never Been Friends featuring Mr Easy, So Real, Don’t Be Shy featuring Rosie B, Sweet and Sexy, Sugar Cane and Live Your Life.

“I’ve put a lot of hard work into this project, and I’m pleased with the way it has turned. There are some very nice songs on it, and I believe it has the potential to do well internationally. I know good reggae music is still appreciated all over the world, and I’m confident that this album will help to make me a household name,” said Patcha Blacks.

“There are some very nice songs on it.”

— Patcha Blacks

Moving Forward was produced by PB Records and Tasjay Productions and released on the PB Records label in September.

Patcha Blacks said that the album was a team effort.

“This project was a team effort, and I would like to give a shout out to Joe Bisum from Smoke Shop Studio in Brampton and Delroy ‘Fatta’ Pottinger from Anchor Studios in Jamaica. I also have to acknowledge Tasjay Productions, Shawn Sheikh, Bobby Tut and Ravinder Mahabir for the roles they played in the production of the album,” he said.

Patcha Blacks is currently promoting the second single and video from the project – Don’t Be Shy.

The Westmoreland-born singer, who is based in Ontario, Canada, launched his career in 2016 with a single called So Real on the PB Records imprint.