Patrice White shares her experience working as a janitor at McDonald’s

White credits her job as a janitor for embedding her work ethic

We live in a time when success appears to be something that happens overnight. And for those of us who are working hard but not attaining this seemingly “quick success”, life can get depressing.

But Jamaican fitness expert, Patrice White knows there is no such thing as quick success, and took to her Twitter recently to share her long journey to attaining success with her followers.

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How many of you knew that for a period, White worked as a janitor?

She was 18-years-old and worked at the McDonald’s food establishment to help fund her expenses while attending Duff’s Business College.

White remembers that experience as an opportunity that put her on the path to success.

“My 1st job was working for the international fast food chain McDonald’s. I started out as part of their janitorial team – wiping the floors, cleaning the bathrooms etc,” she tweeted.

She added; “Moved up the ranks to the person you heard over the drive through intercom….”Thanks for making it to McDonalds, how may I take your order?” Then I moved on to Admin Assistant, then to a Manager Trainee.”

She encouraged her followers not to feel like success is eluding them, but to continue to work towards it.

“This company set the foundation of my work ethic. If you want to succeed the work must be done! It’s always good to look back as a reminder of how far you’re coming from,” she said.

“Living in a social media world unfortunately teaches persons that success comes quick,” she added.