Pay attention and learn: Rules to follow when dating a single dad

Dating is hard, and when you have children it can become more challenging, as you must decide if the person is worth your time and worth being around your offspring.


So, for women who have their eyes on a DILF (no, we will not translate) there are a few things to be aware of in order to stay ahead of the game. Pay attention and learn.

Kids can smell fake

When he feels comfortable enough to have you over or around the children, do not try to be super friendly and be gushing about how great friends you are going to be. Children do not like adults who are weird. They especially do not like fake, and kids and dogs can smell fake from a mile away. Just be yourself, and if you are a decent person, they should like you for you. Do not get caught up on titles. So, if at the initial meeting he does not say: ‘This is my girlfriend,’ do not throw a fit because he did not assign you a title. Go with the flow. Without expectations, there will be no disappointments.  

Awkward moments

Also, do not try to tell the children everything that is happening in your relationship with their father. That is some serious TMI! Oversharing can be disastrous, as not only is it awkward but they may repeat something you said to a family member or their mother, and it might be taken the wrong way. They don’t need to know when you sleep over or where your private tattoos are. And if you are around them in the morning, make sure you are fully clothed!

Don’t bash the other parent

In the same vein, always ensure that you do not bash or say anything bad about their other parent even if you are repeating something that he told you. The children do not need to be hurt or be in the crossfires of an ongoing nasty mudslinging game that the adults are playing. You may have inadvertently walked into the middle of round five, and he is using you as an unwitting pawn to get back at his ex.

Rebound girlfriend

Speaking of his child or children’s mother, you must make sure that you are not just a rebound girlfriend. That is someone who he gravitated towards in order to ease the hurt from the loss of his previous relationship. Rebounds never work, and it is usually the innocent party that gets left in the dust.

— Written by C.W.

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