People a guy may call the night before his wedding

Weddings are usually a great occasion for most, but some men tend to lose their nerves n the lead-up.

In a few hours, his life and status will be forever changed as he goes from being carefree to a man with a spouse and newfound responsibilities. It’s a lot for some men to handle without buckling under the pressure.

He may need a drink or just a talk with someone to be assured he’s doing the right thing and he’s just feeling a little nervous.

A good conversation with someone he trusts or may be a great idea as he can say whatever is on his mind without judgement. It can also be a time for laughing it up and reflection. It all depends on the mood, as there is no right or wrong way to feel.

The following are a list of people a guy may call as the clock ticks away on his bachelorhood. Some may surprise you, others not so much. Some may be a good call to make, others may raise an eyebrow, you decide.

1.  Pastor: It may be time to get in that much-needed confession so his conscience is clear going into his marriage.

2. Mother/Father: Some last minute parental advice never hurts.

3. Best friend/best man: A toast to the last night of freedom may be in order.

4. Fiancée: He may just need to hear her voice to calm down his nervous tension.

5. God: He may not be on speed dial but he is always up for a frank and honest conversation if you want to go to ‘knee city’

6. Sibling: A brother or sister will give their honest opinion, whether you want it or not.

7. Stripper/escort:  Just to take the ‘edge off’.