People are selling face masks that smell like vagina

Just in case you wanna go around smelling a vagina all day, there’s a mask for that.

Now, we know wearing a mask all day is not the most fun thing to do, but you have to protect yourself against the coronavirus. And as the pandemic and mask-wearing mandates prolongs, people are finding creative ways to not make obeying the protocols too much of a bother.

So instead of smelling your breath under a mask all day, you can smell someone’s vagina.

This was thinking behind the creation of Coronapu**y, a company selling vagina-smelling face masks for just $4.99 USD. It;s ran by a 55-year-old New Jersey woman, Angela Anderson. Anderson’s methods involve a fine cloth placed in between the legs for two hours and glued to the mask. And apparently, it works with 500 units sold in the first 24 hours alone.

“Almost the whole sales have been to individuals even though some companies have bought me packs of 25. If this little business keeps going, I’ll have to call my friend Donna to double the production capacity. With this face masks you can be protected and also enjoying of that vaginal smell that people love. This idea is working out,” she said.

And ladies, no need to feel left out. She revealed that she’ll also be working on a penis-smelling mask soon.

If anything, we’re just happy it’s making you keep on your mask.