Petite Sue Divinitii hoping to hit YouTube stardom with beauty vlogs

Jamaican beauty and lifestyle vlogger Sue Ann Gordon-Pitter (Photo: contributed)

Beauty vlogging is a growing industry in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. The platform has created dozens of jobs for persons in the creative field both locally and internationally for the last 10 years.

Jamaican beauty and lifestyle vlogger Sue Ann Gordon-Pitter is no exception. Through her dedicated, mesmerising make-up, hair, fashion, and daily vlogging, she has gained over 400,000 subscribers on her main channel and 52,000 subscribers on her lifestyle vlogging channel.

Sue Ann, more popularly known as Petite Sue Divinitii, was working as a data entry clerk and began utilised YouTube to showcase her craft as a makeup enthusiast. While juggling both, she saw the benefits of primarily becoming a beauty vlogger.

The question many may ask is ‘Why leave a steady paying job to peruse a passion?’, but Gordon-Pitter saw where she could develop a brand on her already growing platform.

“[Through] the growth of my channel, more and more companies would approach me for affiliate marketing and collaborations. This was and still is one way of earning along with direct earnings from YouTube,”

Other than posting content for her YouTube channel she is a freelance makeup artist.

More of Sue Ann (Photo contributed)

Keep up with her via social media platforms and you will see she goes hard in the gym daily, which arguably led to her being placed third in the Miss Jamaica Bikini Fitness 2018 competition.

The disadvantages that come with being a Caribbean YouTuber can be very discouraging due to geography.

“I feel like being an outsider I definitely have to work 10 times harder,” Gordon-Pitter explained.

On the flip side locally, the market isn’t as saturated, so vloggers have the leverage to grow.

The Kingston native hopes in the future she will be the first Jamaican beauty vlogger to hit a million subscribers on YouTube.

She also hopes YouTube will at some point give Caribbean personalities some amount of justice in terms of access to resources and environment to help with filming videos. 

— Story by Shania Hanchard