Pharrell Williams says Rihanna’s album will be worth the wait

American entertainer Pharrell Williams is working on Rihanna’s much-anticipated album, and the Happy artiste said it will be worth the wait.

Pharrell Williams is now working on Rihanna’s long-awaited album. (Photo: Getty Images)

Fans have been yearning for Rihanna’s album for years, and she has been promising them that they will not be disappointed.

Williams backed up these claims in an interview with Allure, stating that the singer’s ninth album will be something special.

“Rih is in a different place right now. Like, wow. She’s from a different world,” Williams said.

“I’m willing to bet, because Venus is gaseous, that if they had a telescope that could zoom through all that s—, you’d see Rih laying there naked.”

Still, he didn’t give a timeline for when the album will be released.

Rihanna’s last album was dropped in 2016 when she did ANTI. Fans have been waiting, mostly impatiently, for the album that the Wild Thoughts singer promised to release a while back.

Instead of an album, the Barbados-born star has been busy building her empire by launching new products for her Fenty brand.