Photoshoped it? Instagram now blocking ‘fake images’

Hey BUZZ fam, have you been on Instagram lately and seen messages about false information and images being hidden? Well, that’s the social media platform’s way of trying to deal with fake images.

Announced in December this is the social media giant’s way of combatting the proliferation of fake images on the platform. (Photo: The Verge)

Instagram uses a third-party verification for this process and so even if the picture was manipulated by a graphic designer, once it is flagged as fake, Instagram will block it from its Explore and hashtag sections.

We know that that a lot of digital artists use Instagram to showcase themselves and their art but unless it’s flagged from outside, they should not have a problem when they upload their art.

What do you think BUZZ fam, is this the right step for Instagram to deal with fake news which could inadvertently affect persons who don’t have those dubious actions at heart?

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