‘Pink’ rhythm charging female empowerment and unity

The colour pink is often associated with femininity, but it also symbolises harmony. The latter serves as the inspiration behind the ‘Pink’ rhythm, which features 11 of dancehall’s newest and seasoned female artistes.

Delomar is surrounded by the many women who are on his ‘Pink’ rhythm. (Photo: Instagram @pamputtae)

Produced by RDX’s Delomar, the project made its debut three months ago and features D’Angel, Macka Diamond, Pamputtae, Lisa Hyper, Yanique ‘Curvy’ Diva, Pretty Devil, Raine Seville, Goody Plum, TallUp, Kim Weirdo and Sasique.

“I wanted to start out this project with just females because mi love woman, and mi appreciate them, and I wanted to make an impact,”  Delomar told BUZZ. “The ladies dem always a talk about female power inna music, and I thought of how I could contribute my energy and effort in getting acknowledgement for the females because dem really a work.”

Internal issues

The rhythm is his premiere project on his newly-formed Rekit Ralf Music label. Ironically, though the evident theme is unity, Delomar had to tackle the opposite in putting the production together. In recent months, social media has borne witness to the jabs thrown between deejays Lisa Hyper and Pamputtae following the former’s apology to Spice over a decade-old beef. Delomar, who said he was unaware of the contention at the time, spoke to all ladies about the detriment of division.

“The females dem have dem own internal issues, and in producing this juggling mi really understand why dem nuh get the justice, but dem really and truly talented,” he said.

“I talk to the females and let them understand that if you guys don’t unite internally then externally you’re not gonna reap any benefit because everybody looking on won’t see unity, so they cannot give unity unless it’s poured out… I can’t please the world, but I can produce a rhythm with all females, and though most of them don’t really deal with one another I unite dem and mek everybody come on the one platform. Who decide seh they’re not gonna take part in this venture then fine. I will work with the ones who are taking part in it and focus on them and not negativity.”

Lots of promotion

In that respect, he has spent the past few months vigorously promoting the rhythm with the help of some of its contributors and fans.

“It’s just the fans dem a really and truly push the initiative fi buss the rhythm, so me haffi target the fans and not the industry,” he said.

The ‘Pink’ rhythm is encouraging unity among the women in dancehall. (Photo: Instagram @onstagetv)

To boost its promotion, entertainment program OnStage will host a concert on Saturday night where some of the ladies will be performing their track on the rhythm.

This concert will precede a more innovative virtual show experience which will be filmed next week.

As for the limitations in traditional promotions because of the pandemic, Delomar is adjusting to the times and employing his resources.

“The bad thing is we can’t travel and make money because of social distancing and all of these things, but I look on it and say let me flip this; let’s take this negativity and turn it into a positive,” he said  “What do we have going for us as artistes and musicians? We have social media, we have music out there, cause people want to hear music same way. I decided I’m still going to make music and just promote it in a way where mi can get it to people.”