Places you stop going when you’re broke

The company has given you your pink slip and wish you well, so all of a sudden you go from getting up early for work each day to lounging around in your pyjamas until the midday news comes on.

You search for jobs, ask friends to keep an eye open for vacancies and start tightening your belt as things are about to change drastically around here.

When you have very limited resources you have to think smart, plan ahead and live frugally. Keeping up with friends or the Joneses is not an option, as that can land you in the poorhouse. So when your friends pull out their credit cards, stick to the plan and pull out your coin purse and count out your pennies. You should be the first one to make a joke about it to ease that awkwardness around the situation. It is better to be the friend on a budget than the friend who goes around begging. When are broke, you should make a concerted effort to avoid the following things and places.


For now, you will just have to enjoy the images you see online of other people enjoying visiting these exotic places.

The mall

The last thing you need to be doing is shopping. For now, that is the wrong kind of therapy.


Gambling with the limited funds you have is too great a risk. Stay home and play some solitaire.

Live shows/concerts

You can see your favourite artiste on YouTube as many times as you want for free.

Strip clubs

Stop wasting your hard-earned cash on people who are selling fantasies. Those girls want your cash, not you.

Dining in a restaurant

From service charge to tip to the cost of the actual meal, it is better to plan your meal, go buy your food and cook it. If you are bored with the same thing, look up new recipes online and try a few out.


Ever heard of Netflix? The movies are free once your best friend shares his/her account with you.


Who needs watered-down drinks and an acne-faced barmaid rubbing up on you anyways.

The salon/nail tech

Necessity means that you learn to do your hair and nails yourself or ask your bestie to give you a treat once a month.