Plane crashes during gender reveal party killing two

(Photo: Yahoo News)

Why can’t people just cut a darn cake?!

As gender reveal parties get grand and grander, they also get deadly, and deadlier.

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A gender reveal party in Cancún has left two dead, and soon-to-be parents in shock and mourning after the plane that was supposed to reveal the gender of their baby crashed.

How about something simple for a gender reveal… Like this?

In a video of the incident first shared by the New York Post, family and friends gathered to find out the sex of the baby and can be heard cheering from a boat as they watch the plane fly overhead. The camera follows the aircraft and then it suddenly nosedived straight into the water. Leaving the onlookers screaming and stunned.

According to local news outlet Quequi, two people, the pilot and the co-pilot died in the accident, which occurred just before 4 p.m. local time on Tuesday in Cancún, Mexico. 

La Prensa Latina reports that one person died while the rescue mission was being carried out, and the second victim succumbed to injuries while first aid was being administered.