Police tried to shut down Chris Brown’s yard sale

Police have tried to shut down Chris Brown’s yard sale.

The Loyal hitmaker decided to put his possessions up for sale to the public at the front of his house in California on Wednesday after giving out his address on Instagram the day before. However, law enforcement officers weren’t impressed with his flogging technique and tried to get him to close down the stall.

Sources told TMZ that an LAPD officer went to his house on Tuesday to tell him that he couldn’t have the yard sale because he doesn’t have a permit.

However, they were reportedly left red-faced when the 30-year-old singer’s lawyer got involved and told them that permits are not required in Los Angeles.

Officers then tried a different technique by telling Chris that the public sale would attract too many people and they won’t be able to control the crowds. But his team reassured them that they will only be letting people in 10 at a time.