Pope Francis compares abortion to ‘hiring a killer’

Pope Francis

Pope Francis has compared abortion to hiring a “killer”. He made the pronouncement in a letter he wrote to women in Argentina who are protesting against a new law that decriminalises abortion.

Francis, who hails from Argentina and was a bishop in Buenos Aires before becoming Pope sent his support to these women. He told them in the letter that “the country is proud to have women like you” and encouraged them to keep fighting against the new law. 

“It is good to ask two questions: Is it fair to eliminate a human life to solve a problem? Is it right to hire a killer to solve a problem,” he wrote. 

President Alberto Fernandez announced earlier this month that he would present a bill to legalise abortion, saying it would save lives by preventing women from resorting to unsafe, clandestine procedures.  Argentina currently criminalises abortion except in the case of rape or risk to the mother’s health.

But the women who live in a shanty town in Buenos Aires, claimed that their voices are being ignored amid the national debate and called on Francis to help them.

In a handwritten response, sent on November 22, Francis wrote: ‘The problem of abortion is not primarily a question of religion, but of human ethics, first and foremost of any religious denomination.