Popular journalist Kalilah Reynolds tests positive for coronavirus

Journalist Kalilah Reynolds has tested positive for coronavirus, and she is encouraging others to stay safe.

Kalilah Reynolds

“This is the face of Corona. Got my test results back last night, and it’s positive,” she said on Twitter on Saturday morning.

“For me, it’s presented as a severe sinus infection that won’t go away. But on a scale of asymptotic to dead, I’d have to say it’s on the milder side. I don’t need hospitalization, so in that context, it’s mild. I have headaches, sinus inflammation and pressure/pain, and tiredness, but fortunately no fever.”

Reynolds, who is the business editor at Nationwide News Network, explained that she got suspicious last week after she lost her sense of smell, leading her to do a test on Monday.

Take precaution

Luckily, she said her children have no shown any signs of the virus.

“I’ve been isolated at home since Sunday. The babies have been at their grandparents since then and no one else in my family has any symptoms, so for that I am very grateful,” she said.

“Alexa is at home with me, but she mostly stays in her room, and we wear masks if we come out of our rooms. She’s also been taking good care of me.”

Now that Jamaica is in the community transmission phase of COVID-19, Kalilah says it is hard to tell where she might have contracted the virus.

“I have no idea where I may have caught it – could’ve been at work, supermarket, anywhere. I’ve taken precautions, such as mask-wearing, frequent hand washing and sanitizing, but clearly not enough,” she said.

The journalist is, therefore, encouraging others to be as vigilant as possible in the fight against coronavirus.

“Just stay safe everyone, and remember that even though you may feel fine or are asymptomatic, you may spread it someone else with an underlying condition and they could end up in the hospital or even dead. So take every precaution and remain vigilant,” she said.