Pork Palooza provides delectable feast for patrons

For seven days, Kingston, Jamaica, the entertainment and culinary hub of the Caribbean will revitalize the palates of patrons, as the fifth annual staging of the Jamaica Food and Drink Festival (JFDF) comes alive with the best chefs in the game tantalizing taste buds and promising a good time.

The JFDF sailed off in high gear as hundreds of patrons poured out for the opening of Pork Palooza at the Palm Drive, Hope Gardens venue on Saturday, October 26.

Pork was prepared in unimaginably creative ways as fourteen chefs representing different brands vied for the title, top hog 2019.

If you are a die hearted pork lover, whether it be crispy, jerk, tendered, this event would definitely have been a palate pleaser! Celebrating and bringing Jamaica’s richly diverse culture to the frontier of the global stage, the JFDF seeks to intensify the island’s vibrant brand through the finest dishes and wine.

Media Connoisseur, Yemi Macgregor shared with BUZZ that the event was well executed, the climate was fitting and he craves even more entertainment for the remaining week-long events.

“It was certainly well supported and filled with great energy and delicious pork bites! This I expect to see throughout the rest of their events and hopefully adding some entertainment in between,” he said.

He further added that his favourite chefs for the night were without doubt consistent in their efforts and remain on top in the game.

“My favourite chefs were Lisa Chin from Fromage, Pink Apron and Sweet Bites’ Rebecca Karram,” he told BUZZ.

“I feel like the liquor with the pork was extremely good, and that’s my favourite.”

— Ashley, fashion blogger and patron

“They always seem to remain consistent with their flavours no matter the dish and presentation was everything,” he added.

Ashely, fashion blogger from AshSlayblog was caught enjoying the convivial moment and shared with us that her favourite brand for the night was Select Brands, particularly their liquor infused with pork.

“I am having a great time, I love the food and I am definitely obsessed with Select Brands because I feel like the liquor with the pork was extremely good, and that’s my favorite,” she said.

Head chef at Simos bread and catering, Christina was extremely thrilled at the level of creativity displayed by her colleagues, which she says has pushed her to do well.

“This whole place is awesome. I am working for Copperwood. We are working with great companies here in Jamaica, with great chefs.  My peers they are incredible, the things they come up with is inspiring and pushes me to become better,” she said.

The JFDF continues its week of festivities with the following line up, D’vine – a taste bud teaser featuring the finest wine there is; Chopstick – a diverse culinary fair featuring Caribbean cuisine and oriental foods; Meet Street – a food walk being hosted in Downtown, Kingston; Crisp – the mouthwatering crunch downtown; Picante – the premium spicy food fest and Brunch– a delectable getaway into the hills.