POWETIC: Quade expresses the power of poetry in his book

What started out as therapeutic for Quade Thompson, became a source of inspiration for others two years later. The 20 year-old Communications student at the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) discovered the power of poetry while going through a rough patch in his relationship. “ I was up one night, contemplating on how my significant other at the time, had left me feeling empty, neglected and disappointed,” he told BUZZ.

“The usual thing for me would be to get angry. Instead, a very calm thought prompted me to try writing my pain away instead. So, I wrote a poem,” he continued.

“That was my first time really writing a poem. I shared with my friends and they praised my skills and ability to express clearly. So, I never stopped writing,”

Thompson said he also performed poems at functions at NCU, these performances helped him to hone his craft. “I would perform poems at different gatherings and I realize that I had a presence, that people looked forward to my poems and my performance,” he said.

As he mastered his gift, he decided to share the healing powers of these poems in the form of a book. 

‘ I shared with my friends and they praised my skills and ability to express clearly. So, I never stopped writing,’

— Thompson

The book- Powetic, contains 36 poems and 39 quotes. They address different issues that young people experience such as love, loss, understanding self and depression. Each quote summaries the essence of each poem.

Thompson admits that he has never truly experienced depression, and that some poems in the book are written from shared experiences.

“I have poems in there about depression, even though I have never really experience it. I have friends who would tell me about their experiences and I would express it in written words. I want to use this book as being an advocate for people going through depression,” he said. 

Thompson wants to use his book as an empowerment tool for persons going through depression

Thompson said he has approached local retailers to have his book on shelves and it will be available online by March.