Pregnant Christina Milian is feeling ‘kicks and flutters’

Christina Milian

Christina Milian is starting to feel “little kicks and flutters” from her unborn son. 

The 37-year-old singer is expecting her second child – her first with her partner Matt Pokora – and is over the moon that she can finally feel her little bundle of joy wriggle around in her belly. 

Speaking to, she said: “It’s going great. It’s exciting. I’m so excited. I’m starting to feel little kicks and flutters now.”

“It’s going great. It’s exciting.”

— Christina Milian

The brunette beauty – who has nine-year-old daughter Violet with The Dream – is really enjoying carrying a little boy as she has experienced no morning sickness thus far. 

She explained: “I had no morning sickness, everything’s been fine. Even my belly, I carry it different than a girl. It’s kind of weird to experience that. Having a boy is pretty awesome.”

Her cravings are also a little more normal this time around. 

She added: “With my daughter, I had cravings for onions, so that was kinda weird. It was so good. My most recent craving was pizza.”

Christina announced that she was pregnant at the end of July.vSharing a picture on Instagram of herself and Matt holding a sonogram, she wrote: “New release 2020! What a blessing!”