Pros and cons of an open relationship

Are you thinking of entering into an open relationship (Photo: AskMen)

An open relationship is not as taboo as it used to be, and so some of us may toy with the idea of entering one. But before you take the bold steps of being involved in a relationship where you and your partner are not exclusive to each other, you need to make sure that your decision is informed.

That’s why were here. BUZZ fam, we don’t know about you, but a pros and cons list is always a reliable to way to guide people in making the right decision. So we’ve created one for you and this unusual situation.


Asking for an open relationship doesn't need to be weird
You don’t have to be monogamous

Yep, you read that right. In an open relationship there is no such thing as cheating as the expectation of being monogamous is completely removed.


An open relationship can be quite intriguing, and thrilling and fulfilling. If your partner cannot fulfill some of your sexual desires there’s always the option to get it elsewhere.


While still maintaining a connection with your partner, you are given full freedom to pursue other people. Of course, to make an open relationship work there needs to be some trust and a greater level of communication.


What Is an Open Relationship? - How Open Relationships Work
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While you and your partner would agreed to see other people, there’s always the likelihood that feelings of jealousy could develop. It’s not uncommon for those in an open relationship to feel a bit threatened or intimidated by the different people their partner may pursue. 

You might feel physically and emotional vulunerable

You are putting your emotional and physical well being in someone else’s hand. There might always be the concern that your partner may develop even stronger feelings for someone they are pursuing. Even more, you have no control over whether or not your partner is practicing safe sex.

It’s not a quick fix to a failing relationship

When face with the reality that there relationship may be falling apart, a couple may offer an open relationship as a solution because they are not ready to let go off their partner. This is a bad idea. This arrangement will only cause more resentment and lack of trust in the relationship.