Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip to self-quarantine?

It seems that safety has become the top priority for the British monarchy after reports suggest that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have left Buckingham Palace following the threat posed by the novel coronavirus.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip would fall in the category of those most susceptible to COVID-19 based on their ages.

The royal couple is said to have gone to Windsor, which is twenty-five miles away, and will stay in a quarantine like setting until the situation improves.

Both are highly susceptible to the disease, as current statistics point to the elderly accounting for most of the fatalities from COVID-19. The Queen is 93 and Prince Phillip is 98, and it was thought best to move them.

Some other reports suggest that this is just a routine weekend trip by the Queen out to Windsor and they would be back next week. However, with how busy Buckingham Palace can be, it is believed that the royal couple will be in Windsor for a while