Queen Elizabeth returns to Royal duties days after husband’s passing

Queen Elizabeth II

Although she’s mourning the death of her husband of 73 years, Queen Elizabeth II has resumed her royal duties.

On Tuesday (April 13), the 94-year-old monarch hosted a ceremony within the confines of Windsor Castle for Earl Peel, who recently left his post as Lord Chamberlain.

The Lord Chamberlain’s Office is in charge of the Queen’s program of ceremonial events. This includes everything from garden parties and state visits to royal weddings and the state opening of Parliament.

“The Earl Peel had an audience of The Queen today, delivered up his Wand and Insignia of Office as Lord Chamberlain and the Badge of Chancellor of the Royal Victorian Order and took leave upon relinquishing his appointment as Lord Chamberlain, when Her Majesty invested him with the Royal Victorian Chain,” an announcement of the event in the Court Circular read.

Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family have been observing a two-week period of mourning for the passing of Prince Philip.

His funeral is set to take place on Saturday (April 17).