Queen tingz: Beyonce donates US$1 million to black-owned businesses

Beyonce was certainly queening this week by donating US$1 million to small black-owned businesses that had been impacted by COVID-19.

Beyonce celebrated her 39th birthday on Friday.

The donation was done as part of the superstar’s 39th birthday celebration on Friday.

Days before her birthday, Beyonce’s foundation, BeyGOOD, announced that it had partnered with National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) for the donation.

“Proud to announce $1m in additional funds from Beyoncé to help black-owned small businesses. Round two of funding opens this month, with our partner NAACP,” the foundation said on Instagram.

The donation comes a month after it was announced that BeyGOOD had partnered with NAACP to launch the Black-Owned Small Business Impact Fund.