Queenie loses first born daughter, says she believes ‘Rushel’ is in heaven

Social media influencer Queenie lost her daughter, Rochelle, late Tuesday (October 5).

Queenie made the revelation in a post on Instagram, sharing that her 33-year-old daughter died at home.

According to the grieving Queenie, Rochelle, her first born child, was baptized and as such she believes she is in heaven now.

Queenie shared that she spent the last 24-hours with her daughter, who she revealed had stomach cancer.

“Me spend the last 24 hours with her. Saturday night she call she seh ‘Mom I am waiting on you’, ” Queenie shared in an Instagram live.

“Me leave Jamaica Monday and me reach Tuesday, which is yesterday, and her last words was ‘ Mommy, I am sorry,’ she could not hold on no longer, ” Queenie added.

Queenie shared that her daughter was baptized and that she believed she was in a better place.

“She suffered from the second of December, my birthday. She suffer from them say she have ulcer. From stomach cancer to bowel cancer she just deteriorate,” Queenie explained.

“But you know what nobody nuh go shop go buy sickness and death you can’t choose your death, when a your time a your time,” Queenie added.