Queenie shares photos from her botched tummy tuck

Popular social media influencer Queenie shocked her Instagram followers late Saturday (June 5) when she shared photos of her first tummy tuck surgery which did not go as well as she had anticipated.

Queenie ladi Gangsta ,as she is known thanks to her Instagram handle, told fans that her journey to wearing cute crop tops was one paved with struggle, as she explained that she had to endure one botched surgery, in addition to a corrective procedure in order to be able to show off her mid-rift.

“Look at my (cu ugly belly) tummy back then the first tummy tuck when I done my first tummy tuck it went bad don’t bad mind me for my sexiness worked very hard for it #Glad you see God,” said Queenie who shared photos of her stomach following her first abdominal surgery.

Intrigued fans who were quick to like the post marveled at the transformation, lauding the job of the plastic surgeons who were able to perform the corrective procedure.

While others were livid about the initial botched abdominoplasty, encouraging the social media celeb to out the original surgeon(s) .

“Damn where did u get this done??? Say the company name and doctor,” encouraged one Instagram user.

Others used the occasion to thank Queenie for being open on the issue with one user writing , “that’s called having kids. That’s why people should appreciate us women.”

“Me like queenie she nuh fraid fi show we the real deal’ and 2cuteallison chimed in ‘You are amazing WE LOVE YOU,”added another.

Queenie, 51, whose real name is Janese Espeut recently stunned the world in March of this year when she got married to Duane ‘Dowey’ Scarlet who is twenty years younger.

The wedding took place at Hellshire beach and was streamed on YouTube with over 13,000 viewers tuning in.

Queenie, who is the mother of 5 children has spoken openly about undertaking several surgeries.

Queenie’s popularity increased after a video went viral of her shoplifting in a UK store and it was shared on social media.

Her outlandish and hilarious response to the video made her an instant social media sensation in Jamaica.