Quite Perry talks YouTube rise, and changing the game through collaboration

Social media personality Quite Perry recently hit 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, and it’s not hard to understand why.

Social media personality Quite Perry

The comedian has become a household name in the local YouTube community since making a return last year, and he is upping the ante by helping budding YouTubers through collaborative videos. His latest, a ‘bean boozled’ challenge with upcoming vlogger Chad Luchey, marks his 15th collaboration over the past few months.

Sowing seeds

Speaking to BUZZ, the Patricia-creator said this initiative is rooted in his desire to see others succeed.

“I have a thing for seeing people grow and do well, and I like sowing seeds in people’s lives in any way I can,” he started. “I just wanted to be able to help those who were new to the space. I chose young YouTubers because when I was coming into the space, I didn’t really have anyone to show me the ropes. I had to learn a lot on my own and build my audience by myself. Since I’m currently thriving in the space, it was only right to reach out to upcoming YouTubers to not only give a boost to their channel but to also offer advice and wisdom with little tools they could use to do well in the space…”

“If you want a little smile or laughter, I’m your guy.”

— Quite Perry

But this isn’t the first time Perry has partnered with his peers. A standout in his content offering is his collaborative videos with YouTubers RushCam and Tanaania, arguably the most iconic Youtube trio Jamaica has produced. From doing challenges like letting the person before them decide what they eat, to spicy mukbangs and vlog shenanigans, subscribers were welcomed to the hilarious world and synergy among the friends. They’ve stopped filming as a trio for reasons they choose to keep private, but Perry shared his reasons for their popularity.

“I think people grew to love the connection because they saw themselves in each of us, and to some extent, it was just a fun escape from their everyday life,” he said. “It brought people in a little more into our friendship, as we manoeuvred both life and the YouTube space.”

Skits and vlogs

This coincides with his YouTube goal to show people a more in-depth side of the comedian they experience through minute-long Instagram videos. Perry’s first channel was created in 2012 and featured skits and vlogs, but was soon abandoned as he felt displeased with the direction and tone of the channel.

“Years later here we are… with how I truly envision myself in the space, and I couldn’t be happier because I always wanted to do it this way,” he said.

Perry wants to be the go-to content creator.

He has a vlog channel and a main channel, the most recent upload on the latter being a seafood boil ‘Q&A’ with Yanique ‘Curvy’ Diva. The main channel also hosts a carpool song association series, which has included hotshots like Ishawna, D’Angel and Lila Iké.

Quarantine and film

Perry has had to do some shuffling up when it comes to being COVID-creative, and his ‘Martha Stewart’ ventures (minus the cake-decorating fail) are proof of this.

“Not only do you have to be very careful when creating, especially outside of your home, but it also pushes you to be very creative with what you do seeing as a lot of restrictions are now in place for everyday life,” he said. “I would encourage everyone to just power through as we’re all doing our best to make things happen, so give yourself some credit.”

In light of the unprecedented times, Perry, whose given name is Rohan Perry, has dissolved any five-year plan. 

“I really just wanna place emphasis on taking it one step at a time, enjoying each moment and just doing what I can to grow, grow, and grow more within the space of social media. That’s it, that’s the plan – to grow and help others as much as I can within the space.”

He is, however, aiming to be the go-to content creator for those wanting a pick-me-up.

“If you want a little smile or laughter, I’m your guy. Come on over to my channel, it’s good vibes and good energy! Up! Up,” he said.