Radio Disney leaving the airwaves in 2021

Radio Disney to sell almost all of its radio stations - Orlando Sentinel

BUZZ Fam, there’ll be no more Radio Disney come next year. Radio Disney made the announcement recently. This is the station that helped launched the music careers of Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and Ariana Grande.

Its closure will result in the elimination of 36 jobs. Disney said it will now be focused on its streaming and TV operations.

“Division leaders also took into account the fast-evolving media environment that provides more personalized music choices than ever to a generation of young consumers, and the ongoing public health crisis that continues to affect in-person music events,” Disney said in a statement.

Radio Disney was launched in 1996, and the platform catered to preteens. At its peak, Radio Disney owned 23 station nationwide stations. In 2014, Disney sold all but one station to make the switch to a digital platform.