Real rich! Snapchat to give users share of $1m a day for most entertaining clips

Are you still using your Snapchat account? Well, you might want to start snapping and posting again.

The messaging app is going to be paying users a share of one million dollars daily for their most viral snaps. This will be done through its new feature called Spotlight.

“Spotlight will surface the most entertaining snaps from the Snapchat community all in one place, and will become tailored to each Snapchatter over time based on their preferences and favourites,” Snap said in a statement.

You have to must explicitly decide to post videos to Spotlight, but by default, your profile will be concealed when you do so. This will allow you to feel free to dabble in content creation without unwanted attention.

And the good thing about this feature it’s purely meritocratic so it doesn’t matter if you’re popular.

The videos users see in their Spotlight feed won’t be affected by who they follow on the platform, and a new post from someone with millions of followers faces exactly the same hurdles as a first-time video from a new user in reaching the higher tiers of viral fame.

The company hopes that approach will prevent famous users from coasting on mediocrity, as well as encourage normal people to produce the most entertaining videos they can.


But before you can end up in the Spotlight feed, you will have to pass through a tier of human moderators. They will categorise the video – helping some of the personalisation elements – and ensure it fits the company’s content guidelines.

Those include the expected limitations, such as bans on copyright infringement or underage alcohol consumption, as well as some others that fit the platforms idiosyncratic approach: “Spotlight is an entertainment platform, rather than a space for news or overtly political content,” the guidelines said. It adds that they, “should be vertical videos with sound”, rather than still images or text-only snaps.