Real rich! World’s wealthiest are half a trillion dollars richer since pandemic

Jeff Bezos fortune grew by 78 billion dollars

And in some very unsurprising news, the rich have gotten even richer during the coronavirus pandemic. Yes BUZZ fam, the scale of wealth has once again tipped in favour of the already wealthy when the rest of us have just about fallen off.

An Oxfam study reports that the world’s ten richest people – including Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Bill Gates – have seen their collective wealth increase by half a trillion dollars since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The researchers used figures from the Forbes 2020 Billionaire List and wealth data from Credit Suisse to investigate the financial impact of the pandemic on the world’s wealthiest.

Elon Musk’s fortune upped 129 billion during the pandemic

They said the wealthiest 1,000 lost 30 per cent of their wealth due to the pandemic, but within ten months they were already firing again.

Among the biggest winners in the past year were Jeff Bezos, whose fortune grew by US$78 billion; Elon Musk, who is up US$129 billion, Mark Zuckerberg, whose wealth has doubled by US$45 billion; and Bill Gates who has added US$22 billion to his safe.

According to researchers, with all of this money, the wealthy could pay for everyone on earth to receive not one, but two COVID-19 doses. And why stop there? They could also hand over US$80 billion of their fortunes to keep millions of people above the poverty line for at least a year.

But we already know they’re not gonna do that, right?

Oxfam said the coronavirus pandemic will widen the global inequality gap even further unless governments do something about it.