Rebecca Ferguson is ‘sick’ of her phone

American actress Rebecca Ferguson
American actress Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson is “sick and tired” of her phone.

The Doctor Sleep star has said that while she’s not “tired of technology” as a whole, she doesn’t like being attached to her phone for too long, because she would rather sit down and finish a project than have “400 things up in the air”, all of which require her phone.

Speaking to The Observer newspaper, she said: “I’m sick and tired of the device. It’s not that I’m tired of technology. That’s too simplistic – it’s all around us. It’s that I know what I’m like. When I start something, I want to finish it. I hate having 400 things up in the air.”

“I’m sick and tired of the device.”

— Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca – who has an 11-year-old son with her ex-boyfriend Ludwig Hallberg, and a 15-month-old daughter with her husband, who is only known to the public as Rory – agrees with those who say technology has helped to make the world a “s**tshow”, but also believes the world has always been that way.

She added: “But the world’s always been a s**tshow. We think we live in the s**tshow, with Brexit, and Trump, and all of the wars. But they battled stuff back in the day. Women not being allowed to vote. Women just being used for various reasons. Slavery. You think we’re in a s**tshow now? We’ve constantly been in a s**tshow. Research the medieval times. Holy moly. Giving birth in dungeons? It wasn’t easy, dude.”