‘Recovery is excellent’: Diego Maradona doing well after surgery to remove a blood clot

After undergoing surgery earlier this week to remove a blood clot on his brain, it is said that Argentina’s football legend Diego Maradona is doing well.

Maradona did surgery on Tuesday at the Olivos clinic in Argentina after tests revealed that he has a subdural hematoma. This a blood clot on the brain that is usually associated with a traumatic brain injury.

Following the procedure, his personal doctor, Leopoldo Luque, has disclosed that Maradona’s condition is improving quickly and that he was eager to leave the hospital.

“The idea is to have him here for one more day, but he already feels well enough to be discharged and we spoke to the physicians who also see him in a good enough condition to be discharged,” Luque told reporters outside the hospital on Thursday.

“We’re very happy. He can walk, he talks with me, he seems a lot clearer. Obviously, it’s still very early, but the recovery is excellent.”

However, when Maradona was hospitalised on Monday, it was said that he was suffering from dehydration and anaemia. Following tests, he was transferred from a hospital in La Plata to the Olivos clinic for surgery.