Redirection: Media personality Terri-Karelle launching podcast next week

Media personality Terri-Karelle Reid has hosted many events, but now she is stepping out on a limb with her very own podcast.

Terri-Karelle’s podcast will go live next week

Reid, who won Miss Jamaica World in 2005, has announced that her podcast, Redirection, will go live on Sunday, October 11, and will be aired every week.

“I have been sitting on this for months “eeming-aahming” but you know what… let’s just start!! I am all sorts of excited and nervous and scared and EXCITED,” she said in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

“I look forward to having you on this new journey. We will meet people from all over who were rejected at some point, but it turned out to be the best redirection ever! Can anyone relate? That was the story of my life!”

Reid, who is also the host of Digicel Rising Stars, said that the podcast will be available on Apple and Google podcast.

The morning after making the announcement, she was again online, thanking her ‘Instafam’ that is already showing support for her new venture. Now under ‘pressha’ to deliver, she promised to get to work so that she won’t disappoint those who tune in.