Reggae artiste Protoje outraged by expletives at political conference

The Jamaican Opposition, People’s National Party (PNP), got a ‘WOW’ at their annual conference on Sunday (Sept 22), but perhaps not for the reason they expected.

Surprise expletives were dropped in the introductory song for two of their political candidates over the blaring speakers at the National Arena.

While for many it might have been a hilarious or even cringe-worthy incident it was far more serious for Reggae Grammy-nominee Protoje.

The artiste took to Twitter, sharing his displeasure at the seemingly hypocritical pedestals those in authority place themselves.

The dancehall fraternity in Jamaica has been locked in a heated debate about the freedom to use expletives or ‘badwords’ at stage shows.

The entertainers have argued that the events have already been appropriately designated for adults, so their freedom of expression should not be inhibited.

Interestingly, this stance was echoed by PNP Senator Dr Andre Haughton, who expressed his intent to move a motion to permit the free use of expletives in the dancehall space. 

Some have added that the actual words are integral components of our culture, which are being embraced by every country except Jamaica.

Recently, dancehall entertainer Spice shared a video on her Instagram pointing to the Bomboclat Music Festival in Belgium, where she argued the country’s leadership needed to act swiftly in amending its policy on ‘badwords’. In the post, Spice said, “Why is it that the things that the bigger heads fight in Jamaica is the same things that the foreigners use to make money ? There’s also a Rum called ‘Bomboclaat Rum’ #PleaseWakeup before they remake our culture.”

Tell us BUZZ fam, do you agree with Protoje’s stance?