Remote Talk: Finding solutions to COVID-19 challenges

Joel Nomdarkham says Remote Talk brings like-minded people together.

Instinctively, humans crave social interaction. And with much of the world under lockdown due to coronavirus precautions, that innate desire has been intensified.

Digital marketing specialist Joel Nomdarkham has introduced Remote Talk – a clever, out of the box and engaging new wrinkle to popular social media application Instagram. The aim is to connect creatives, influencers and business-minded people, who are all sharing one overarching consensus – finding solutions to deal with the challenges the world is facing with COVID-19.

“It forms a part of the mandate around social distancing because the entire live session is conducted virtually.”

— Joel

Born out of a natural concern, Joel said that after he initiated his first virtual discussion, he was inundated with positive feedback from viewers, craving more sessions.

“I had a random chat with a few friends on Instagram Live last week, and we spoke about how we are coping with the quarantine. I had creatives, influencers and even the UWI Mona Guild president, who all chimed in on the effects of COVID-19. Immediately after that, I got a lot of messages and positive feedback, urging me to continue the sessions,” he told BUZZ.

 “The marketer in me sat around my new makeshift office desk, conceptualising the idea of ‘Remote Talk’,” he added.

Promote social distancing

Dutty Berry was one of the first guests on Remote Talk.

The platform, he says, is a unique way to promote social distancing, as it eases one’s mind and acts as a tool that equips viewers with useful knowledge to tackle everyday social issues.

“It forms a part of the mandate around social distancing because the entire live session is conducted virtually. I do see where it has been efficient in calming the anxiety of my peers and others, as people are able to leave each talk with knowledge and ‘homework’. I got a group of amazing friends who I dub my co-producers, who are all helping with the questions and show direction – these guys are also based in Jamaica, USA and Canada,” Joel said.

Taking notes

Earning its spot in the digital community, the curated discourse is particularly valuable because it allows viewers to dissect components that can be applied to their everyday lives.

“The response for both myself and the guests has been overwhelming. People are taking sheets of notes from the discussions and making it applicable,” he told BUZZ.

“I also feel because the sessions are so light and witty as well, it’s not boring. We also try to keep up with the very engaging comments section, who also position thought-provoking questions and recommendations for us to keep our hands out of our faces,” he added.

Entrepreneur Yaneek Page shared valuable tips on Remote Talk.

After coronavirus

Underscoring an array of issues, the discussion explores fresh and exciting perspectives from experts across different sovereign states.

“Once my team and I come up with possible topics, we figure out the best fits. For example, I have a few other guests lined up to talk about home workouts, and I’ve already reached out to Patrice White. The sessions so far looked at the creative industry and Dutty Berry was my guest; digital marketing in a crisis and Jeneque Pinnock provided some guidance. Our business discussion was guided by Yaneek Page,” he said.

“I have an upcoming one on how NYC is facing it with the entertainment industry, and I’ve gotten Marco (audience producer at the Wendy Williams Show) to come on. I have a colleague (@blaakow) stranded in Colombia, and he will be talking about how he’s surviving, as he can’t go back to France until May,” he adds.

Remote Talk is held every night on Joel’s Instagram page (@joelnomdarkham), and he plans to continue the show after COVID-19 has passed.